Dating industry size

15-Oct-2017 09:48

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From a download perspective, the US is the place to go if you’re looking for love on Tinder, especially if you have an i Phone.

While US users account for 25% of downloads on Android, they account for 34% of all i OS downloads.

From that point onward, the center of Pure’s revenue generation shifted from Russia to the US.

As evidenced in the chart below, almost 90% of Pure’s revenues were being generated in Russia at the time of translation.

This is despite Tinder not being in the top five downloads on either operating systems in Australia.

So while the dating pool might be deeper in the US, Australian users are definitely willing to pay the price for a shot at love.

Tantan, a Chinese Tinder clone that has the added bonus of censoring phrases like “hook up buddy” in the chat, sits in fourth place on i OS.Despite sitting comfortably in second place with more than 20 million installs, London-based Badoo trumped it with more than 27 million installs overall on Android.

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